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Good web copywriting captures your customers' attention and encourages them to truly engage with your business.

Writing copy for the web is a completely different skill to normal business writing. People don't read web page copy; they scan it, looking for keywords or phrases that capture their attention.

Content Strategy

At Innovation Digital, we strongly believe in the importance of planning for any web copywriting exercise. Before writing any content we work with clients to understand both organisational goals and the objectives of the website. We follow best practice accessibility guidelines, ensuring that content is accessible by everyone regardless of location, experience or technology used.

We can help you think about a content strategy which could potentially include:

  • Channel selection
  • Engagement and storytelling
  • Personalised content
  • Location based content
  • Real-time content
  • Content outreach
  • How you monitor success

Creative Content

We also provide creative content that engages with your target market, keeps them interested and entices them into a call to action. Content is also developed to specifically engage with the search engines and increase rankings. We not only provide content services for websites but also apps and all kinds of digital media. 

Web copywriting training

Finally, we can deliver web copywriting training for your staff. These group or individual sessions, include practical, hands-on exercises to give you the skills and confidence you need to be in charge of your digital communications.

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