Becoming part of the conversation

We encourage organisations to think strategically about the use of social media and always from the perspective of their priority stakeholders.

We will work with you to identify your key social media initiatives, whilst creating a series of action plans and detailed activities that ensure that the scope and commitment of what is being undertaken is fully understood and properly planned.

We will help define key performance criteria (and measurement techniques) that are fully aligned with and supportive of wider business and marketing objectives. In other words, your social media strategy will not only 'fit' with everything else that you do but will support where your business is heading.

We provide a range of ongoing support services for your social media strategy.

Dedicated social media team

Innovation Digital have a trusted and dedicated in-house social media team, who strive to deliver the best from social media channels and applications. Our social media experts are here to help setup your social media strategy; from identifying your target audience and platforms through to tracking and reporting your results.

Measurable and insightful results

Our social media consultants will ensure that your social media strategy is based on your core brand values and key strategic goals, giving you results that are sustainable, manageable, measurable and insightful.

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