Supporting Scotland's animal welfare charity with increased engagement and donations

The Challenge

Innovation Digital recently launched the new user-centred website for the Scottish SPCA that seeks to broaden the appeal of the charity to reach a wider demographic and provide a compelling user experience for new and existing target groups.

A key consideration was the importance of users quickly finding information that is relevant to them through clear sign posting and an intuitive navigation.

The Solution 

The website is supported by the easy-to-use, open-source content management system, Umbraco, which provides all the necessary tools to deliver fresh, engaging and accessible content to users on an ongoing basis.

This included a streamlined and user tested donations area with payment system integration together with an eCommerce system to enable the Scottish SPCA to sell products such as wedding favours and pin badges.

The site also features a revamped user friendly rehoming section which allows users to search for an animal to rehome by various criteria including breed, location and gender. 

One of the key technical advancements with this site is the personalised content. We have developed a solution where content is displayed based on a user’s website behaviour. If a user has looked at dog or cat re-homing then on further visits these preferences are subtly displayed in the feature panels and content. 

We will be closely monitoring the performance of the new site as we carry out A/B testing, video tracking and heatmapping to continually make improvements to the site.


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