Ensuring a healthy user experience for 4 million users

The Challenge

Simplyhealth wanted to undergo a redesign of their current website to ensure that it catered effectively for their diverse audience segments. They wanted to make sure that key messages were being communicated and that content was easy to find, valuable and understandable.

To do this, they knew that they had to gain a deeper understanding of their audience groups as a first step, before making any key decisions. They wanted to explore the current user experience of the existing site, and identify key areas for improvement, and what was working well. Brand impact was also a focus, with a need to investigate the look and feel to then feed into a design stage. Throughout this research, consideration had to be given to the cross-platform experience.

The Solution

As part of a full user-centred design approach, we have worked as an extension of the Simplyhealth team to carry out the following; An expert review, competitor review, analytics analysis, online survey, business objectives workshop, usability testing, user needs analysis, user persona creation, card sorting, user journey and IA development, interactive debrief workshop, desktop and mobile wireframes and design artwork.

The Results

For each stage in the project, we provided documentation to outline practical recommendations, as well as providing summary documents to show the project progress in a way that is easily digestible for project teams and key stakeholders. We hold regular meetings with them to ensure that their team are always informed of key decisions, gathering their feedback throughout.

All of this research has been pulled together to set out practical and achievable goals for Simplyhealth to achieve, both in the short term and during the longer-term re-design. This has helped to give their stakeholders clear direction, ensure buy-in amongst their team and provide a plan for the design stage where a clearer site structure and layout can be implemented to cater for the needs and engage their varying audiences.

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