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The Challenge

Innovation Digital was part of a multi-supplier team to undertake a major review of the existing website, intranet system and associated technical and cultural environment to define and recommend the replacement options with a business case, costs and project plans. This included a thorough review of the UK Government’s website technology and design framework as a potential option for Scottish Government.

The Solution

Innovation Digital conducted research among key stakeholders working within the Scottish Government directorates, representatives from Gov.UK and external technical partners.

After in depth analysis of the findings and implications from the interviews, we delivered a report highlighting the various issues the Scottish Government were facing and recommending solutions that overcame these issues. Our involvement included scenarios and business case justifications as well as wider implications on people, processes and governance.

The Results

The Scottish Government has put in place a new programme of investment and resources for the design and delivery of new solutions for both the website and intranet. The intranet re-development project is underway.

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