Four epic agency peeps wanted!

Four awesome agency peeps wanted!

We’ve been owning pitches, boshing briefs and smashing targets! Now we’re looking for four new totally awesome, agency legends to join our already epic agency. Think channel 5 news team awesomeness. Are you one of these totally awesome agency dudes? Then WTAF are you waiting for? Read on to see just how awesome your new agency life is going be.


(…are we saying ‘awesome’ too much? We’ll be honest, with all the ‘awesomeness’ and beer pong around these days we’ve just gone with it. But you’re smart, we know you want all that window dressing, but you also want to work with great people. If you’re a substance AND style kinda person, read on).

Awesome person 1: Ass kickin’ Senior Account Manager

person 1: Ass kickin’ Account Manager

Are you a kick-ass senior account manager who’s bitchin’ at pitchin’? Do you love writing badass briefs, decks and running brainstorms like a boss?! Can you read minds and get to know your client better than they know themselves (not in a creepy, stalker way) … and do you love bringing home the big bucks for the team?

Then hit us up girl(or boy) friend and apply now!

Awesome person 2: Mic-drop grade Content Creative

person 2: Mic-drop grade content creative

Do you have a 100 mic-drop ideas every second? Do you firmly believe your every word should be a hit single and your every thought an oscar-nominated masterpiece (starring Tom Hanks, obviously)? Do you ride to work on a unicorn (other mammals considered)?

Sweet, you should apply here now.

Awesome person 3: Front-end coding ninja*

Front end coding ninja

Are you the deadliest, bad-ass front end coding ninja whose code wipes the absolute floor with everyone? If Chuck Norris could code, could he out-code you?

If he couldn’t, apply here, brave front-end warrior.

*Being a turtle is not mandatory, but would be pretty sweet.

Awesome person 4: Back-end wizard developer

Back end wizard developer

Do you talk to computers like Gandalf talks to Eagles? Are you a fully-fledged, dot-net dark lord? Could your code survive the fires of Mount Doom? If so, we need your bow… and your axe … and … (last LOTR reference, we promise)

Wizards and Sorceress apply here.

We’ve got some seriously awesome perks … 

In addition to a competitive salary, we also offer some awesome benefits which include Profit share, a performance related bonus scheme, a generous enhanced pension contribution, private medical cover, flexible working, a bonus holiday on your birthday, a training and book allowance and a endless supply of Tunnock’s and Irn Bru.

Plus all the usual agency shizz …

Shoot the shit about your latest industry meetup or whatever you’re watching on Netflix at our super-cool (READ: totally normal) agency water coolers* …

Agency Life: Sweet water cooler If you wear a sideways baseball cap on day one, you’re immediately fired


Brainstorm till you’re brain-fried in our war rooms, filled with all the post-its and all the sharpies you can shake an idea at…

Agency Life: Brainstorm


Crack open a cold one at beer (or gin) o’clock from the obligatory agency beer fridge…

Agency Life: Beer o'clock


Get seriously serious at our standard-issue agency ping pong table* …

Agency Life: Agency ping pong table *Warning: our Head of Projects Jill once beat Forrest Gump at ping pong…and she was carrying an injury.


Master your beer temple building skills while eating cold post-pitch pizza.

Agency Life: Build a beer template and eat post pitch pizza


Put cool creative shit on your desk …

Agency Life: Put creative shit on your desk

… a free monthly desk massage by our corporate Massage Therapist – Grace …

Agency Life: Your monthly corporate massage


Blast those go live tunes …

Agency Life: Rock the go live


Oh, and you can also bring your dog to work – everyone else does. In fact, bring your cat… no-one ever brings their cat…

Agency Life: Bring your dog (or cat) to work


If you are awesome, then awesomeness awaits …


We look forward to your awesomeness.