5 things that make Team ID smile

Since it’s International Happiness Day, we felt it was only appropriate to share some of the things that put smiles on our faces here at ID.

So here goes!

Number 1: ‘Chicken in a basket’ Thursdays
Nearby bar BLOC on Bath Street make an amazing lunch. Kentucky fried chicken, skinny fries and slaw for only £4. It’s delicious, and every Thursday we’re so grateful for its existence. Thanks for making us smile BLOC! We should clarify, it’s not actually called chicken in a basket, that’s just our nickname for it. However, it is indeed served in a basket.

Number 2: Monthly Massages

Every month Grace from Incorporate Massage comes to un-knot us. It’s amazing. We don’t even need to say anything else other than it’s one of our highlights and boy does it make us happy. We love you, Grace.

Number 3: Our weekly Tunnock’s delivery

Caramel Wafer, Teacake, the list goes on. Every week we get a delicious delivery of Tunnock’s. Our client makes the best treats going, and we’re not even biased, because we know we’re not the only ones that love a Tunnock’s and a Tea. We are licking our lips just thinking about it.

Number 4: Successful Go-Lives

Every day we’re scoping, designing and building websites for our various clients. Nothing makes us happier than a go-live that goes well! When our clients tell us they are the most popular person in their office for making their fabulous new website happen, we feel a warm glow inside. Ahhhh.

Number 5: Ticking off Teamweek

Any fellow to-do list addicts will know there’s nothing better than ticking something off. So when we get through a task and tick it off on our Teamweek, we’re oh-so-satisfied. It’s the little things in life.

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