A decade of digital with Irvine Bay

After 10 years of regeneration in North Ayrshire our client Irvine Bay has today concluded its work after bringing jobs and opportunity to the 5 towns of Irvine, Kilwinning, Saltcoats, Stevenston and Ardrossan.

We have been Irvine Bay’s digital partner since the beginning and are proud to have collaborated on this important project that has brought investment and opportunity to the North Ayrshire community.

We designed and developed Irvine Bay’s website to visually showcase the regeneration projects that were taking place across the town centres to engage the local community. Throughout the project we were an integral partner when it came to developing and executing the company’s digital marketing strategy. Using search engine marketing, social media, and content marketing we created an integrated strategy for each channel that drove highly targeted traffic to the website to fulfill Irvine Bay’s business goals.

When the business strategy changed in 2014 and focus moved to attracting inward investment to Irvine Bay’s i3 Enterprise area we redesigned and developed the website as a lead generation tool to attract global firms to the world class infrastructure available.

Irvine Bay Regeneration Company was created in 2007 with a focus on creating jobs and attracting businesses to the area. The regeneration investment was fundamental to tackling and reversing decline in the area caused by market failure. The private sector had lost confidence in the area and as a result business and investment drained away leading to job shortages in the region.

Regenerating communities, tackling poverty, and developing successful town centres were clear ambitions from the outset and Irvine Bay’s success is even more compelling considering the added complications caused by the economic crash and the recession that followed.

Irvine Bay has ensured that the public sector led investment in that area created an instant impact and a new confidence and that a modern infrastructure was built for the the next generation.

We would like to congratulate Irvine Bay for its achievements over that past 10 years and say Thank You for your continued support.