How to get your business cap on when writing for social!

Social media has been around for a fair few years now and whether you’ve grown up with it or remember when colour TV came in…it can be hard to separate how you communicate on your personal and brand profiles.

But never fear, today as we celebrate social media day (#SMD) we have gathered our top tips for you to get your business on without speaking like a corporate robot (zzz).

Number 1:Think about your business as a person 

What would they say? How would they write? What are their aims? How do the want to make customers feel?

Number 2: Don’t get too personal in your writing style – be a professional. 

You’re talking to potential and existing customers not your best friend! What do they want from your brand? How might they like you to talk to them?

Number 3: Finally, remember it is still social!

You can still be friendly and conversational even as a business!  Say ‘We’ and ‘Us’ not ‘ Innovation Digital’.


‘Can’t believe you can see where folk are on snapchat now – creepy!’

Could be…

“Our social team have been looking at the new snapchat updates – where you can now see where your friends are on the map – creepy or cool? Look out for our verdict on snapchat maps and other new developments on social coming tomorrow on our blog”.

Fancy learning a few more tips and tricks? We love planting seeds of the knowledge we’ve grown over that last couple of decades, click here to learn about how we can help your social skills sprout!

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