Success through social for Glenalmond College

Innovation Digital is delighted to have contributed to the success of Glenalmond School’s Open Day campaign 2016 – increasing the number of registrations by 70% year-on-year.

Glenalmond College with its staggering views and equally brilliant academic standard is recognised as Scotland’s leading boarding school. Situated in Perthshire, Scotland the school aims to provide the finest all-round education to its pupils.

One of the important sources for growth for the school are their open days. In 2015 they launched their first open day with great success using their network of contacts grown through traditional marketing methods. To ensure the same success this year, Glenalmond wanted to target their audience using digital, primarily through Google adwords.

With the help of Innovation Digital, they started off with search campaigns targeting relevant keywords to drive new but relevant visitors to the site who were further down the conversion funnel and highly interested in a boarding school education. We then introduced a remarketing campaign to engage with consumers who had previously visited their site and invited them to attend the open day event.

The digital campaign saw a huge 70% increase in Open day registrations year on year. And by targeting relevant audiences with specific key messages, there was an increase in overall conversion rate, with 33% of website visitors completing the open day registration process online. So overall, a great success!

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