Top Tips: Writing for the web

Did you know that 79% of website users will only scan a website page? You’ve probably just done it yourself. So when writing for web, how do we attract and keep a person’s attention? Here, we’ve gathered our top tips.

  • Nowadays people have shorter attention spans than ever so be clear and concise by using plain language, short sentences and by breaking content into smaller, logically organised sections.
  • Online readers don’t read word for word, they want information quickly, so make your content scannable by making use of headings, subheadings, hyperlinks, bulleted/numbered lists and by including images & video to break up text.
  • Create meaningful hyperlinks that makes it clear what users are going to get by avoiding the use of “click here” and the likes and don’t use a link if the information can be included on the page.
  • Decide on a tone of voice that matches your audiences and use a consistent style throughout, making sure you write in an active voice rather than passive voice.
  • And finally, always remember when it comes to writing for the web less is more and although it is tempting to chuck in a bunch of keywords always write for people not search engines!

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Track Internal Site Search With Google Analytics

Track Internal Site Search With Google Analytics