Brands have the power to excite and engage; and while it may be more difficult to achieve a competitive advantage through product features or service benefits alone, branding can give your business a significant boost.

Image, perception, knowing yourself and influencing how people feel about you cannot be underestimated and are paramount in building a successful brand.

If you are undergoing a re-brand, launching a new product or business or looking to breathe new life and purpose into your existing brand then we can support you strategically and creatively. Our design team can bring your brand to life across all channels; creating compelling design and engaging words for for screen, outdoor and print.

How we can help

Support with naming, tone of voice and brand personality development

Brand strategy services to help you define direction and next steps

Logo design for new or re-branding businesses

Brand visual style creation to ensure your offline and online materials look consistent

Brand Strategy

Strategic thinking is at the heart of the world’s biggest brands. Though their success may appear effortless, there are hours of consideration and thought behind them. We begin each branding project with the delivery of a brand strategy. This begins with a pre-prepared, bespoke workshop and ends with a full recommendations document which we call ‘brand foundations’. This gives us the very beginnings of your brand and will ensure it has a sound platform on which to grow and develop. In addition to this, we offer a number of other strategy services.


We can support you with naming for brands, business divisions, products or services. The process starts with understanding your goals, market and audiences before creating a succinct naming brief. Following this, our creative teams will develop names we feel fit the brief, offering our recommendations – along with a sound rationale for why we feel the names may work. From there, we can guide you on the next appropriate step in a brand building journey.

Logo Design

As part of a wider creative project, or separately, we offer logo design and development. Whether you need a simple badge to present your company, or a logo that will grow into a fully fledged brand, we will understand your vision and requirements before approaching logo design. This can also be accompanied by full visual brand development and brand guidelines.

Brand Development & Guidelines

We can undertake a full branding project, from strategy and planning to the completion of comprehensive brand guidelines. We take both a strategic and creative approach to branding, ensuring that what we deliver aligns with your goals, desired market position and target audiences. We will utilise our creative and design teams to deliver all of the required elements. Whether it be brand strategy, logo design or full visual style, whereby we consider everything from colour and typography to illustration or tone of voice, we can take care of the entire process. In our experience, branding projects vary, so please contact us if you wish to discuss options in more depth.


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