We support and manage email campaigns for over 20 clients’ using a wide range of email marketing tools. Each finding ease of use and success in their email marketing efforts with these tools.

There are two approaches we can take, client managed or agency managed. Both work well and allow you to scale your marketing messages across the business.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Use a simple, cost effective digital channel to drive traffic to your website.

Communicate key marketing messages.

Manage data and subscribers

Track the journey from email to website to understand user behaviour and habits

Email data management

Any contact data captured from the website can be uploaded into the Email Marketing System via CSV. Other external lists can also be uploaded. You will then have the ability to segment and profile prior to sending. We will assess the requirements of integration with the current CRM system at the scoping stage.

Creating email campaigns

We can create beautiful email campaigns for your brand. Emails can be personalised, links to social media included and importantly easy and quick un-subscription offered (therefore following best practice). Emails can then be tested by sending them to multiple addresses as if they were the real campaign, allowing you to see it as your recipient would. Campaigns can be A/B tested by testing subject lines, content and from names.

Subscriber forms & lists

Subscriber forms can be fully integrated with your current website using API keys meaning a user can easily complete a subscriber form on your site and all of the information given will be housed securely within Campaign Monitor automatically. This means easy data gathering! Once the subscriber info is gathered, multiple subscriber lists can be set up so that you can manage subscribers and email content relevant to them. Lists are automatically de-duped and if additional subscribers are added who have previously unsubscribed their emails will be identified and suppressed for your review.


Once your campaign has been sent, a real-time Worldview report is available to identify where your email is being opened there and then. We can understand key things such as who opened emails, what they clicked on or who clicked forward and share. If anyone unsubscribes or an email bounces, we can use this data to our advantage too. In general, reporting allows you to assess email success and optimise your email marketing for future campaigns.

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