Developing a global customer experience

When international engineering brand Howden recognised the need to redesign and develop their web-presence, they called upon us to develop and implement a website strategy that would align with their objectives.

Having undertaken a number of essential projects, including user experience research, UX design and usability testing, we are now underway and are now working closely with the team to integrate our designs and front end html into their preferred platform.


The Brief

The Howden website has grown organically over the years and there is a concern that the current website is based on the business rather than the needs of the users. Content is very technical, the site is difficult to navigate and basic tasks such as finding a contact, prove time consuming and frustrating for the users.

Howden’s objective is to create a new online experience for customers; showcasing their engineering capabilities and carefully developed products while ensuring users get the information they need. The end goal is to have a powerful site that converts users to customers, and through a series of projects we have begun the process of creating a site that puts the users first and maximises the potential for leads and conversions.

Ahead of the build stage, we undertook a series of activities to ascertain what Howden customers want and need. The process started with a research phase to help us understand and document the pain points and frustrations of the current website. This was then followed by the development of user personas, user journeys and categorisation testing.

Following a design period, we created an interactive prototype to give users a real feel for how the site will look and operate. Using this, we facilitated user research, meaning we could ensure the new site lived up to user needs and expectations.

Confident that the new website is user-centric and aligned with Howden’s objectives, we have begun the development phase.

Our front end team work closely with the clients’ in-house development team who had to deliver the site in Sharepoint. To facilitate the ability to work remotely and in tandem with the development team, we developed a component library or ‘cook book’ which allowed for individual elements to be tested and utilised by the internal team upon completion. This gave Howden a huge degree of flexibility and provided them with an online reference of the original front end components.

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