50 ways we've changed the world


For 50 years, the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) has been at the forefront of scientific research to understand and mitigate a range of occupational and environmental health risks and they asked us to devise a campaign to help them celebrate their half century.

The Challenge

The campaign had to achieve a number of objectives agreed through a collaborative process. Objectives included building brand affinity with existing partners and reaching and inspiring new audiences. With IOM not previously doing any form of marketing or shouting about their achievements, they wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

Other key objectives, that were to become a massive influence to the overarching idea and activity, were to inspire young minds … to create something that past, present and future IOM staff could engage with and be proud of … and finally, to get IOM on the political agenda.

The Solution

Science with purpose: 50 ways we’ve changed the world

The amazing science and “impacts” we uncovered gave us the confidence to give birth to the concept “50 ways we’ve changed the world”, and the idea to represent IOM science through art, taking complex scientific impacts and making them more accessible and interesting to a wider audience; giving their work the potential to inspire young (and other) minds.

We devised the concept of a travelling exhibition and designed 50 unique posters to represent IOM’s amazing scientific contributions to the world. The posters would then ultimately take permanent residence at IOM HQ and be a continual source of pride for years gone by and a source of inspiration for the years to come.


Inspiring young minds at the Glasgow Science Centre

One of our key objectives was to inspire future generations of scientists and reach new audiences. So, we spoke to our friends at the Glasgow Science Centre and managed to secure exhibition space for a period of 9 months, where an estimated 360,000 people will see the posters.

As well as the space inside the building, we were given space on their huge screen outside the centre to help promote the exhibit and showcase our art via an animated film we created as part of the campaign.


The road to Holyrood

Another of our key objectives was to get IOM on the radar of Scottish Politics and what better way to do so than to exhibit the art at Holyrood, our Scottish Parliament building. We approached local MSP Gordon MacDonald, who can be seen here at IOM HQ with Rob Aitken, CEO of IOM where he agreed to sponsor the event; allowing us to have IOMs 50th celebrations at Holyrood.

A day and night to remember at Holyrood

Our campaign and the amazing work of IOM expressed through our art was gathering momentum and support, which culminated in IOM and their amazing contributions to the world of occupational and environmental science being recognised and debated in the Scottish Parliament and featured on the BBC website.

That evening, the debate and celebrations moved from the chamber to the magnificent garden lobby at Holyrood; where our artwork was exhibited and celebrated with friends of IOM. The evening event was attended by over 150 people, with distinguished guests attending from Singapore and others travelling especially to the event from the World Health Organisation.


Deputy First Minister, John Swinney

The event was also attended by Deputy First Minister of Scotland, John Swinney, who talked passionately about IOMs contributions and how their work could inspire young minds and scientists of the future.

He spoke to us about the inspiration behind our idea and campaign before picking his favourite; our poster representing IOMs work in relation to the impact of passive smoking in bars in Scotland, which led to the smoking ban being passed.


Holyrood Interview with our Joint-MD, David Buchan.

The 50 ways we’ve changed the world campaign concept and activity was the brainchild of our MD David, who was interviewed and asked to comment on the campaign at the Holyrood event.

The Results

We designed 50 unique posters, exhibited for 9 months at the Glasgow Science Centre and again at Holyrood. We designed a logo and gave IOM a line that they now use as their brand positioning statement; Science with purpose, which also became the title of the book they published for their 50th which we designed the cover for; receiving an honourable mention inside.

We launched their new Instagram channel as part of a digital marketing campaign and created animations for use online and on the huge screen outside the Glasgow Science Centre; where we filmed the installation of our exhibition as additional campaign content.

The campaign has exceeded all of the objectives we set together and we will be posting the results and numbers in due course. The campaign has massively raised awareness of IOM and their work on a national and global scale. We got the backing of local MSP Gordon MacDonald, securing the main event at the Scottish Parliament building where IOM and the campaign was debated in parliament and filmed on Scottish Parliament TV. John Swinney attended and spoke passionately about IOM, their work and our idea and campaign, so it’s safe to say IOM are now on the political agenda. The posters have been picked up on social media by t-shirt designers and has gained IOM international recognition from relevant audiences as well as being featured online by the BBC.

Congratulations IOM and happy 50th, it was a pleasure to have helped you with your celebrations and we all look forward to the next 50!

View all 50 posters on our website



“I’ve worked with ID this year on a complicated campaign with numerous moving parts. The campaign has been a triumph in terms of the innovative way that ID has assisted IOM in communicating fairly dry scientific subjects. I’ve worked with the team from design to execution and can’t fault them. They are a vital part of our marketing team. As a result of the campaign we’ve seen a significant increase in engagement both externally and internally, and we have been able to pinpoint several new deals and leads that have come in from the campaign. I can’t recommend them highly enough.“

Jonathan Ellenor, Head of Marketing, Institute of Occupational Medicine

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